Conversation 101 Needs Updating

I was at a party recently and the majority of the group were people I have known for years. It has become quite apparent to me that over the past decades most of these same folks never ask me anything about myself. I might get a “how ya doin?”

I try to ask questions when I meet people, particularly new people ... just general stuff about their career, life whatever, nothing too prying. I'd hope not to come across as being nosey. Just making general conversation.
You would expect people to reciprocate, when they don't ask questions back are, they being polite (trying not to snoop) or is it more likely they are self-obsessed? Or just not interested in me (I'm not boring!)
I just think a conversation should go like this...
General chat – “Hey great party, have you tried the artichoke dip? It has a little spice”
Question from person 1 - “You still working at the factory?”
Answer from person 2 -  “No , I quit that gig, now I’m a driver for Uber.”
General chat – “You’re right that dip is awesome but have you tasted the meatballs?”
Question from person 2 – “You still selling those kitchen gadgets?”
Answer from person 1 – “Yes, I am…I’m really trying to push these new Swiss Army Kitchen utensils.”
General chat – You like this beer? It tastes like they squeezed out bar rag
I know that sounds a bit prescriptive, I don't mean it to, but just think on the whole you should ask someone you are chatting to, questions, especially if they ask you some.

With all of this said, enough of this politeness. My next approach will be different but might yield the same results. From now on, I’m not going to inquire or ask anything from these afflicted people but I’m going to ramrod their brains with nothing but me.  When they try to interject and hijack the conversation back to themselves, I will steer it back to me. More me less you. When they are done yacking with me, they will mostly likely think, what a self-obsessed S-O-B I am. They will certainly have to tell somebody else about my behavior. But the reaction I hope they get is, “I don’t think he is like that, he is always listening to me.” 

Maybe this will start some self-introspection for one of these conversation flunkies, but most likely it won’t. Lastly, this strategy could backfire and you might like talking about yourself more than listening and have now been indoctrinated into this group of folks of conversational drones.