Modified Camper Shells are the Hottest Trend On the Road

Most of us like a shiny new toy but some folks like to rebuild an old one. The landfills of America are filled with a billion old toys that were thrown out when they served their purpose.  When we age, we carry that same mentality with our adult possessions. Have you been to the dump lately? Just look around at the mass carnage of our old possessions and think that a lifetime of our junk is here along with all your neighbors stuff. 

When I was driving down the road the other day, I couldn’t help notice a fellow driver had customized his camper shell by adding another shell on top, a double decker shell that is one of a kind.  A couple of days later I saw another one. I thought to myself, is this the latest trend in truck accessories?  Maybe the same fabricator is spewing these contraptions out of his garage. God Bless him.  Most folks will laugh and scoff at such work but give the guy credit; his old shell is not sitting in a land fill which gives more room for all of our old possessions. I say keep up the good work you truck shell fabricators for making the world a cleaner place.

camper 1.png
camper 2.png